The Real Fairy Tales

by Mario Trujillo

One time upon sometime, there were three young, beautiful damsels.  Little Red Riding Hood, a tough scrappy gal from the country was strong-willed who knew how to take care of herself.  Her parents died when she was young and she’d been taking care of her grandmother as well as herself ever since.

Rapunzell, a high maintenance city girl, was used to getting what she wants.  Her parents both of noble birth spoiled her for most of her life.

Sleeping Beauty — the name says it all.  She was a kind hearted, soft spoken gal, a natural beauty, a little naïve but nasty if crossed.

Most would have you believe that these three beauties never knew each other and that their tales never crossed paths.  I’m here to tell you, that is a complete lie.  These three beauties knew each other well, for they all fell head over heels over one Prince Charming.  All three were in constant competition with one another over who would capture Prince Charming’s heart.  They constantly threw themselves at him, trying to outdo one another.

Prince Charming was getting tired of all the games and the three beauties were realizing this, so they cam up with their own plan to capture Prince Charming’s heart once and for all.  Little Red Riding Hood decided to search for the big, bad wolf and antagonize him into attacking her.  She would send a message to Prince Charming and he would come to rescue her.  She would then have his heart and they would live happily ever after.

Rapunzell had a plan to lock herself in a high tower and send a message to Prince Charming in hopes that he would come to rescue her.  Once he rescued her, she would have his heart and they would live happily ever after.

Sleeping Beauty’s plan was to drink an evil potion that would send her into a deep sleep, only to be awakened by a kiss from Prince Charming.  She was sure that once she sent a message to Prince Charming, he would come and rescue her.  They could live happily ever after.

The three beauties’ plans might have worked for each one of them if they had not attempted their plans at the same time.  Prince Charming received all their messages at once and was torn about who to rescue first.  It became clear to him that this was just another of their ploys to win his heart.  He became extremely angry and in his anger decided not to rescue any of them.  He would instead marry the evil witch.

So, Little Red Riding Hood was eventually eaten by the big, bad wolf.  To her surprise, Prince Charming never came to rescue her.  She was not counting on that and had no other plan in case he never showed up.

Rapunzell remained trapped in the high tower for the rest of her life.  Contrary to popular belief, it was never her intention to grow out her hair.  She believed Prince Charming would come save her but he never did and as the years went by, her hair just grew out.

As for Sleeping Beauty, well, she slept for the rest of her life, although a couple of transients did try to kiss her.

Prince Charming and the evil witch lived happily ever after.

Copyright © 2013 Mario Trujillo

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