The Farm

By David Gauthier

He was climbing the big hill on his way to school when he saw this big farm up ahead.  Tom hated school.  He would as soon skip school to go on an adventurous journey.  He thought of his aunt scolding him, but he had to visit this farm.  He loved animals and knew he would find some there.

He climbed the fence and snuck up to a barn.  He was just about to open the door when someone said, “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

Tom nearly jumped out of his skin.  As he turned, he saw a red-headed, freckled girl.  Tom said, “Who are you?”

“My name is Rebecca and this is my grandfather’s land.”  Tom said that he was trying to look at animals.

Rebecca told him all kinds of stories that she made up.  Tom knew it, too.  He didn’t care as long as she showed him some farm animals.  She told Tom of a girl who was sleeping in the barn and she had never woken up.  Tom didn’t believe her and told Rebecca she was lying, but when she opened the door, he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen sleeping on a stack of hay.

He walked up to her and bent over her.  Rebecca said, “What are you doing?”  Tom just looked at the sleeping girl and then he kissed her on the lips.  Rebecca said, “EEEWW, that’s gross,” but just then the sleeping girl awoke and looked at Tom and smiled.

Tom turned to Rebecca, but Rebecca was now sound asleep on a haystack.  It seemed only one of them could be awake at a time.  Tom was shocked.  He only wanted to see some animals.  He wished he would have gone to school.

The smiling girl didn’t know about the farm, she only knew that she was “Sleeping Beauty”.  Tom said that he wanted to go home, but Sleeping Beauty said that he mustn’t leave.  “It’s just the beginning.  You must share this apple with me.”  Tom ate the apple and became very sleepy.  He lay next to Rebecca and fell asleep.

He started to have a dream that he was walking to school and upon a hill he saw a big farm….


Copyright © 2013 David Gauthier

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