Rebecca’s Decision

by Paulus Perkins

Out of all of the places in the world to find yourself stranded, Rebecca knew that this one had to be the worst of all. Here she was shipwrecked on an island with three of the most unlikely sailors she could imagine.

Bob, what the scraggly old man had asked her to call him, was the oldest of them all with his rawboned physique, goat skin clothes that smelled like hell itself, and sagging old man skin. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had survived on the island for years already, she would’ve sent his foul smelling ass packing days ago, but he had a home and food and that made all the difference in the world.

Then there was Tom. Although he was cute enough, Rebecca felt that if she had to depend on him for their survival, she’d soon starve to death. All the boy seemed to do was talk about being a pirate and riding the high seas. Bob had tried to teach him how to build a fire and spear fish but the boy, hard headed and dumb as a brick, would have none of it and instead skulked off into the jungle with Friday, Bob’s slave, to find buried treasure.

Rebecca knew she had to make a decision soon because being the only female on an island with three men, there may come a time when the asking stops and the taking begins and in that place she definitely didn’t want to be.

Noticing Bob preparing a breakfast of broiled clams, coconut milk and some fruit, she got up from her shelter along the beach he had built for her and walked over to the campfire smiling her best good morning smile. Rebecca knew that love, although satisfying, in no way compares to survival.

And they survived happily ever after.

Copyright © 2013 Paulus Perkins

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